Posted by: travel.drops | May 13, 2009

Feed all your senses, experience Ohrid

Every breath you take, every move you make…all that makes a difference. Step forward and break the routine ! Relaxing kind of life typical for the citizens of Ohrid, without any rush or tension sometimes gives the idea that here the time almost doesn’t exist. And the truth is that the “right time” doesn’t exist – it’s all about now!

Under the protection of Unesco since 1980, Ohrid is a place that unites natural beauty, one of the oldest lakes on our planet of the tectonic origin where some species have been preserved since the last glacial period and couldn’t be found nowhere else. The lake itself is on the altitude of 695 m surrounded with mountains not too far from the Adriatic coast (110 km), so that way the place is under the influence of meditteranean climate as well the continental one , representing a prefect mixture, not allowing too hot temperatures  during the summer for example.

Antique theatre , early christian basilicas, Byzantine chuches with precious fresco paintings, all that concentrated in one place no wonder called a Balkan Jerusalem in a medieval period.


Come and experience Ohrid, keep in touch with the nature and your inner self !


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