Posted by: travel.drops | September 15, 2012

Let’s go rural

We’re presenting you The Top 3 Eco Resorts in Macedonia :

Vevčani is at the foot of the Jablanica Mountain, and 14 kilometres away from the Ohrid Lake and the town of Struga.It is situated from 800 – 950 metres above sea level and has over 2,500 inhabitants and its own local self-government.

The famous Vevčani springs are some of the most famous springs to be found in Macedonia. The springs are located on the eastern slope of the Jablanica mountain range which run through the village of Vevčani at an approximately sea level altitude at over 900 metres.

The carnival of Vevcani

The Vevcani Carnival, which claims a 14 century long legacy, is held every year from 13 to 14 January. Recognized by the Federation of European Carnival Cities (FECC), the carnival attracts thousands of both domestic and international visitors to see the people of Vevcani disguised in elaborate masks expressing humor and sarcasm. Some of the most common costumes include devils, demons and other mythical characters.

Elshani – the best possible view over the lake for those who enjoy nature sounds only. Located on the western slopes of the Galichitsa National Park  the village of Elshani ( 900 metres above sea level) 10 km south of Ohrid and 1.5 km driving distance from the Ohrid Lake. Elshani  has 590 inhabitants living in the village all year around, though, in the summer, there are approximately 400 additional temporary inhabitants staying in their holiday  homes.
Nestled amidst large gardens, surrounded by mountain trees, this village is a great place to enjoy hiking in the mountains, being a perfect starting point for a number of hiking trails for all ages and skill levels. The winding, steep streets of the village also provide for an unforgettable scenery.
You can also take part in guided excursions to the National Park, donkey safaris and cooking classes.

Brajcino  is a village in the Resen Municipality in Macedonia . It is situated 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from Lake Prespa at the foot of Baba Mountain. The village is located a few miles from Greece. Due to its nature and old architecture, Brajcino has recently drawn many domestic and foreign tourists. The village has a mountain nature trail leading from the village to the glacial lake at top of The Baba Mountain. The trail links Prespa Lake  with Pelister National Park and provides good views of the mountains.


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